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It was in 2008 that the idea of a combination of activities from different areas was born :
Communication, media, film, fashion, luxury, art, design and music.

This fusion will be known as ONE COLOR.

Following numerous requests from customers dissapointed with their service providers,
Frederic Mercier will advise brands for whom he will work in different artistic choices & skill fields.

The agency ONE COLOR founded in 2010 by Frederic Mercier, will be soon joined in 2011 by Xavier Da Costa, reinforcing the agency by joining in this project.
Armed with skills such as finance, real estate, administration and management, he brings to ONE COLOR stability since his arrival.

Strongly headed by a creative and a financial, ONE COLOR finds its balance quickly.
The company multiplied by 4 its turnover in 2014 and by 5 in 2015!

By owning a half a million of material, the agency is completely independent
and quickly placed itself as an unavoidable actor for the professions that it represents.

ONE COLOR agency collaborates with prestigious houses such as DIOR, HERMES, SHIATZY CHEN,
ainsi que les plus grands magazines : VOGUE, GRAZIA, ELLE...

Further the fashion and luxury, the advertising world is following this trend
and brands quickly entrust their images. To quote some of them : RENAULT, PEUGEOT, PETROL HAHN, EUGENE PERMA, COIFFANCE, SYSLEY...

ONE COLOR agency was nominated for the originality of its concept and its knowledge during the « trophy of the 2013 communication ».
During the awards ceremony, ONE COLOR agency moves to the 3rd position for the seriousness and quality of work.

‘’ A synergy of talent in a single interlocutor, to advise you and your projects.
Creativity, responsiveness, and quality are our vision of your goals. ’’